Local & regional products

What's on the table

Our grandparents were real culinary trendsetters. The food came from the region and was organic. Our focus lays on organic and regional products. We celebrate that daily at the breakfast buffet and have been doing so for decades. The eggs, cheese and yoghurt are from local producers. Maybe the equipment has become a bit more modern and the classic latte is still a classic latte but the milk is delivered by our near-by farmer. Just like back then, 60 years ago.

Our local bakery

Our local bakery, Althaler, probably has the smallest Co2 footprint. Across the street is the traditional bakery that supplies us daily with fresh bread and fragrant pastries.

  • selected types of bread and wholemeal bread
  • fresh rolls and pastries
  • gluten-free pastries (on request)

... and much more

  • regional delicacies such as dairy products, eggs and yoghurt, ham and bacon from local producers
  • various types of muesli, nuts and seasonal fruit
  • large selection of different jams
  • fresh juices & tea bar
  • on request also à la carte breakfast in the new bistro with Eggs Benedict, pancakes etc.