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We Purtschers do too!


Haus Alpina

Maria & Alfons Purtscher laid the foundation stone for today's alpina&more. The "Mullawiese" was the first big challenge, and the foundation had to be dug by hand. In the 1960/1961 winter season, bed and breakfast were finally opened by our former host Maria. Joe's dad Alfons was not only active in the ski school. He also ran a taxi and bus company together with his brother Alois.


We take over!

In 1984 Susanna & Joe took over the Alpina. Susanna discovers a new passion and devotes herself with complete dedication to the rental and constant development of the guesthouse. Together with Joe, she also develops the basis for today's concept. Nothing artificial, nothing ephemeral! Cosiness, stylish design and a holiday resort that everyone would remember with pleasure. Many "guest friendships" have developed over the years, and so Haus Alpina has become one of the most "friendly-places-to-stay" in Serfaus.

1995 - 1999 - 2002

Rebuilding years

The Hotel Garni Alpina was launched, and with numerous extensions in 1999, the wellness area completes the 4-star offer. The guests euphorically accept the wellness landscape with a sauna, steam bath and relaxation room. In 2002, the new breakfast area was built, offering even more space and comfort.



Everything is rounded off, and it's time to think about a new phase. Susanna & Joe are already making plans about what to do after retirement and are thinking about a gradual retreat. But everything turnded out differently. The neighbouring Thurnes family - owners of the Hotel Hubertus - are planning their retirement at the same time, they make the Purtscher family an offer they couldn't refuse. After only a week of consideration, the two families came to an agreement, and the alpina&more was roughly sketched out for the first time.

2020 - 2021


Even more beautiful in real life. Now imagine: The sun is squinting through the bedroom window. The wonderful smell of coffee is coming from the kitchen. The little ones are playing in their room. No stress! Lovely, the breakfast basket is arranged on the table. Everyone gets dressed! Simon is waiting for a private lesson with Mum & Dad. Grandma & Grandpa enjoy a delicious cappuccino on the bistro terrace and listen happily to the laughter of the little ones on the children's ski meadow. Directly in front of the hotel. Short distances. The little ones are tired. Lunch break in the afternoon, everyone meets in the new wellness area. To laugh, splash, relax and cuddle. alpina&more. The latest feel-good place in Serfaus.